CSP Adoption Assessment Introduction


This survey is the fourth iteration of the CSP Adoption Assessment survey, updated for 2021. Previous results can be found on the TM Forum website HERE. This update includes new Open APIs developed by TM Forum’s Open API collaboration project.

We use the survey:
  • to publish a bi-annual report which includes a series of anonymized charts showing the trends and levels of Open API adoption in the market. The results are shown alongside the companion Vendor Adoption Assessment Survey.
  • to produce custom reports* for participating communications service providers (CSPs) to show their relative position in the market (participant results anonymized).
  • for signees of the Open API and Open Digital Architecture Manifestos to show their level of current or intended use of the Open APIs. This allows us to validate their commitment to the Manifesto before adding their logo to the website.
*fees apply

Contact information is required on the initial pages for recording purposes only. The subsequent data received will be processed confidentially. No references to individuals or individual companies will be made in the analysis of the survey data or in the results, unless specific permission has been given by the participating party.

Survey structure
The questionnaire is divided into 10 sections and covers the entire Open APIs range including some APIs which are in development: 
  • Participant information
    • API collections
      • Customer
      • Business partner
      • Market Sales
      • Product
      • Resource
      • Service
      • Common
  • Participant free text field to articulate API strategies and notes
As a reference the latest versions of the Open APIs are located with the TM Forum’s API Catalogue located here:-

TM Forum API status and versions
The survey takes 15-25 minutes to complete, once the status of the individual open API are understood.